Meeting venue

The meeting will be held at Systembolaget’s training centre on Skarpo, an island approximately one hour’s travel from Stockholm’s main airport. Bus-transfers for participants will be arranged between the airport and central Stockholm to and from the conference venue. Participants not able to use the chartered bus-transfers will have to arrange transport on their own and at their own expense. Public transport from central Stockholm is available (bus or boat and for the last section picked up by car by the staff at the centre). This venue regularly hosts alcohol research meetings and events.  The centre has 64 hotel rooms and can accommodate the same number of delegates. The main meeting room can seat up to 90 participants. There are ten more meeting rooms seating from 6 to 20 participants and four small group rooms.  The centre has a restaurant where all meals will be served: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee is available at a number of locations in the centre.  At the ground floor in the main building there is a bar (open in the evenings) offering wine and beer, non-alcoholic drinks are free of charge.

The training centre is located on a beautiful island in the Stockholm archipelago. Walks and jogging in the vicinity is highly recommended. There are yoga mats and Thera-bands in the hotel rooms. There is a small gym with fitness- and training equipment. It is also possible to play football and the Swedish game “kubb”, equipment is available at the centre. Brave people can also take a swim in the sea.

Pictures from Systembolaget’s training centre on Skarpo